Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 11 - Hot

I looked at yesterday's temp trace with Graham Garlick in the morning and we both thought we might be able to get away between 10:30am and 11am.  I declared a 750km triangle and was ready at the launch point at 10:30am.  Graham was going to attempt a 1000km flight and took off first at 10:45am.  He did not get much more than a bubble and landed soon after.  I decided to wait on the launch and take a look at the updated temp trace.  The temperature was staying at 36°C.  According to the new trace we needed 39°C to get above 2000-4000ft.  That did not happen until about 2pm.  At 43°C it was supposed to go to 14,000ft.  I finally took a launch at 1pm and struggled for 2 hours below 5000ft covering about 100km.  When I hit the cu's to the north I got to 12,000ft and ran up a nice cloudstreet.  I did not have a real goal of going anywhere and just went back and forth a bit.  My highest point was 13,200ft.  The OLC gave me 500km for the flight.  The average speed was 97km/h which is not bad considering the first 2 hours were at 50km/h.  Graham watered up his ASW-20 again and flew a new Australian 300km out & return record but missed the finish point by 100m.
Thanks to Louise for letting me fly her glider.
OLC flight info

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Ybuqc said...

Hi Chris,
I'm a fellow Canadian pilot, and I will be in Melbourne next 2 weeks. I was hoping to fly while I'll be there.
You can contact me at yannick.bgn [at] and maybe we can set up something ;)