Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 15 - Another trip to Kosciuszko

On Friday I had another flight in Louise's ASW-19.  I once again declared Temora-Hay.  On my way up to Temora I noticed that it was blue to the west towards Hay.  The forecast showed blue to the west but beyond Hay.  There was supposed to be clouds over the hills for most of the day.  I saw nice streeting going directly towards Mt. Kosciuszko so at Coolamon I changed task to the hills.  The run to Kosciuszko was good.  I stayed under cloud streets the whole way and averaged 119km/h.  To turn the peak I had to scrape in a weak thermal.  The way back started out good but getting to Mt. Beauty the lift weakened.  I dumped my water early because I was not finding much more than a couple of knots.  There was still a line of cu so I turned Lake Nillahcootie on my way back.  It was an eight hour flight and I was first to leave and last one back.  Again I am having troubles with my camera.  The picture above is Lake Dartmouth from a flight last year.

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